When I think about my relationship with photography, I realize that it has had a place in my life for as long as I can remember.

It started with a black and white picture of a race car that hung in our family home. The picture had been taken by my father at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway sometime in the 1960s. Every day this picture would draw me in. I had to look at it.

Like all true passions, I began to involuntarily build from this magnetism, becoming obsessed with cameras and the disciplines associated with this art form.

In 2001, an architectural image of mine was awarded the top prize at a regional digital photography competition, and I interpreted this as an invitation to transform from keen amateur to professional.

14 years later, and I’ve been privileged to work with some of the industries leading architects, designers and publications.

My inspiration stems from a continuing fascination for the way architecture transforms our environments, giving them shape, mood, volume and beauty. Conversely, interiors shape how we live and work inside. We strive to make them a reflection of ourselves, expressing our personality, our style, our comforts and even that which inspires us.

I channel these values, along with a strong affinity for my clients and their business objectives with every assignment I do, because I truly believe that we depend on each other for our success.