Frequently asked questions



Who owns the photos?

All work created by the photographer is the sole and exclusive property of the photographer, as expressed in the US copyright law. 


Can the photos be shared with other parties?

Third-party usage is not included unless properly licensed.

Other parties can join in the cost-sharing license agreement before the photoshoot, resulting in substantial savings for everyone involved. Alternatively, individuals can choose to license specific images at the full per-photo rate. 

If you have any other licensing needs, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Can I post the photos on Social media?

Yes, the usage license includes social media usage. However, please note that photo credit is required for all social media posts. Please tag @morismoreno as the photo credit.


Do you travel for photoshoots?

Yes, I travel for photoshoots constantly. While my home bases are in Miami and Seattle, travel expenses will be estimated prior to the photoshoot and added to the quote


What is the usual turnaround time for your photoshoots?

After completing a shoot, I will send the client proofs within a few days. Once the client has made their selections, the post-production process typically takes around two weeks, although this may vary depending on the time of year and number of images need to edit. If I’m informed of any rush projects and their deadlines in advance, I can accommodate them accordingly. Once the photos are ready, they will be delivered via a secure download link.


Do you scout a project prior to the shoot?

I find that scouting a location ahead of time always leads to better results. It helps to have a solid understanding of the project and establish the shot list before the shoot day, which can contribute to a more efficient and productive shoot.

 I always prefer to scout the site in-person, but if the schedule or location does not allow for it, I can perform a virtual scouting instead.


Do you like having the client on location during the shoot?

Collaboration with the client is an essential aspect of a successful photoshoot. Having the client onsite enables us to work together to establish the compositions and refine the styling. By leveraging the client’s knowledge and vision, we can create a more accurate representation of their project.

For additional questions please contact me.


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