Estimates and fees 

Pricing and estimates for architectural and interior design photography are unique to each project and depend on various factors such as usage license, creative fee, post-processing fee, travel fees, and the need for a photo assistant. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Usage License

All final images come with a standard usage license, which includes: Web and print portfolios, contest entries, social media with photo credit @morismoreno, printed collateral, internal use, and editorial publication. 

However, it does not include any paid advertising or third-party use. 

Additional user licenses can be provided for third parties or advertising use.

See cost sharing for substantial savings when including third parties.

The Creative Fee

Is the time and skill required to complete the project, from pre-production, site visits, client meetings to the necessary photography equipment. 

The Creative Fee will be quoted on a per-day basis, and the amount of time required for the shoot and the number of images that can be produced will depend on several factors, including number of images required by the client, weather conditions, ideal time of day, and access to the site, among others.

Editing / Post-processing fee

Is the process that occurs after the photoshoot. It is extensive and time-consuming. Post-processing will be charged on a per-image basis and will include blending and lighting layering, tonal and color correction, as well as clarity and contrast adjustments. Additionally, clean up and removal of blemishes and distracting elements such as outlets, exit signs, branches, and other elements will also be included. 

In the event that the client requires additional retouching to modify any image beyond the standard editing process, it will be quoted on a case-by-case basis and charged at an hourly rate.

Once the images are ready, they will be digitally delivered, securely stored, and backed up to ensure their safekeeping.

Photo assistant

An assistant is a crucial member of the photoshoot team, providing a photo-savvy extra pair of hands that are ready to assist during the shoot.

Travel fees

In case of any necessary travel, the associated expenses will be estimated beforehand and added to the quote


Cost Sharing 

Cost sharing is a great way for clients to save on the total cost of the photoshoot. By including all key players ( architects, interior designers, sub-contractors, vendors, owners, and others) in the initial bid, everyone can benefit from splitting the costs of the photoshoot, resulting in substantial savings. An unlimited number of parties can cost-share in a shoot.

For cost sharing, a licensing fee of 30% (Creative & Editing) is added per additional user. 

Here is a quick cost-sharing scenario example.
If the initial estimate is for $3000 with one user, and you add another user, now the new cost per party becomes $1950. A saving of $1050.
If you add a third user the cost per party decreases further to $1600 and, so on.


Number of users

1 2 3 4 5

Total cost (Fees + Expenses + Licenses)

$3000 $3900 $4800 $5700 $6600
Cost per User $3000 $1950 $1600 $1425 $1320



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