With great love and appreciation for architecture and the art of design, for the last 15 years I’ve been fortunate to live and work in many diverse environments. As a bilingual, bi-coastal architectural and hospitality photographer, I maintain studios in both Miami and Seattle. 

My experience allows me to be flexible enough in my approach of crafting images that capture not only the physical details of a space, but also create the intangible sensation of being in them.  I live to capture the fine details of craftsmanship in relation to space and the changing effects of light in a room. My images are thoughtfully composed, meticulously styled, expertly lit and masterfully post produced.

With a background in art direction and business, I’m keen to interpret my clients’ visions.  I see professional photographs as an essential part of building and marketing their brand. This has been the case shooting for clients like DLR Group, HOK Architect, Marriott and Luxe Magazine.  

I attribute my life-long love of photography to my father—One of my earliest memories is looking at his old photos; one, in particular, was a fast moving race car he shot at the Indi 500.  He took this picture with his now-vintage Canon G-III, which is one of my most coveted possessions. 

In my downtime, I enjoy cooking, doing yoga, tackling home improvement projects, and relaxing with my lovely wife Mariana and our two children Sofia and Eitan. They keep me busy and at peace.

Moris Moreno Portrait
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Amicon Construction

BLUR Workshop

CBRE Group

Charles Allem International 


DLR Group

EofA architecture

Ewing Cole 

Florida international University

Fontainebleau Hotel

Hyatt Hotels

Indulge Magazine

JW Marriott Hotels

Luxe Magazine

Luxottica Group 

Marriott Hotels

New York Times

Oliver Peoples 

Republica Advertising

Royal Caribbean

Setai Hotels

SLS Hotels 

STK Restaurants

Tinsley Advertising 

Traction Architecture

Turnberry Associates

Wall street journal

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